Thursday, June 18, 2015

End of school year is here!

Ah, what an overwhelming day today! As we sit through the graduation of one of the most adorable and precious child of ours, emotions well up and a slideshow of memories take us into flashback mode!

This little bundle of joy, that blessed our world just yesterday, this toddler that ran into trouble like it was made for her, the teary eyed child, whose world tore apart if a friend couldn’t make it to her birthday, this little child, who has the potential to bring a smile to my face, no matter what, is now a KG graduate!

I look at her and see how much she has blossomed through her wonderful educational journey. From a not so sure toddler in the class, she became one of the leaders! Grew up to be a compassionate and bright young child with such an inquisitive mind. Made meaningful friendships, learned life lessons and started to believe in herself.

Today I experience both belief and doubt. A belief in my child’s abilities and strengths and a constant doubt from all the unanswered what ifs.

Well I believe that “Every new beginning comes when some other beginnings end!” And I hope, wish and know that the future is full of sweet surprises, lessons to learn and opportunities to be seized. This summer we are going to cherish the memories and enjoy the sunshine getting ready to embrace the NEW!


Friday, March 7, 2014

Upto 10..... Its really OKAY!!

Upto 10..... Its really OKAY!!

Every time I see that I missed a call from one of my parents….. it is never A call. It is always 2 or 3 or 5 or sometimes even more!!! Like everybody I have always wondered WHY do my parents always have to do that. Today I just decide to wear their hat and figure out what they must be thinking J

Call 1: Ah! Let me talk to my daughter/son and see how they are doing.
Call 2: Looks like she’s busy. Let me try one more time just in case…
Call 3: Just dial again while thinking what time of the day would it be in her part of the world.
Call 4: a) Saturday mornings are off from work, She must not be getting ready for work of course!
            b) It’s a weekend evening, I hope my child is not working too hard!
Call 5: a) Is she actually still sleeping????
            b) Is she out again! Let me find out where and with whom!
Call 6: OMG this girl! Never has time when I want to talk.
Call 7: Let me tell her she needs to keep in touch! Her parents still love her a lot.
Call 8: I am going to tell her right now that she can call me whenever she wants.
           I DON’T CARE.
Call 9: Oh Dear! I just really really hope she and everyone in the family is OKAY!
Call 10: Let me try just one last time, then I’ll just pray she’s safe and happy J

Parenting sure is a roller coaster ride!! After a good laugh, I think my parents are really nice people and I am lucky to have them! Now I say… up to 10.. its OKAY!!

 I hope my kids will think the same when I go through my phase of insanity! 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Here comes Halloween!!

I love Halloween....

I love Halloween! If you ask me the story behind it or the tradition, I would just shrug off my shoulders because I really don't understand it. But Halloween still is my favorite festival!

It's on this day that my kids are in-charge! I love to see their excitement and sense of accomplishment every step of the journey.
While my kids tell me what they want to be, I make it a point to ask them, do you really want to be a ninja/princess.... And what I get is priceless. A twinkle in their eyes with the most decided nodding and a look of accomplishment. I see that my child knows, if they really wants something, they will get it!!

Today is the day when it doesn't matter who you are or what you wear, at every door your child is greeted with a smile and a welcome only meant for them, from an adult who knows, these childhood days fly way too fast! Someone who cherishes the innocence, the playfulness, and the spirit of childhood.

Tonight when my children go Trick O Treating, I will stop looking at how much their basket is filled, or thinking about how much candy they are eating. What I will see is that my little princess feels like a true princess, a ninja who feels he can truly save the world and will cherish the love and kindness from our neighborhood.

When I open my door today to greet a Trick O Treater...   I will open to my heart to every child, who in rain or cold, is determined to knock every door, collect all the treats he/she can till feet are tired, and baskets are full. We teach our children to be passionate about what they do and put their best effort in everything, well parents, today is the day to see it come true!!! JJ
Every year after a few days of Ah! Things are so commercial now, why can't they have better quality if they charge so much, you’ve got candy enough to last more than a year, I finally give in.... By the end of the day every year I feel, it was well worth it!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My Data disconnect...

My data disconnect….

From the past few weeks I have been reading articles about how our increasing dependence on the internet and a need for social presence is creeping slowly and making a firm hold on our children’s growth. Living in the 21st century, I know how important it is to embrace this wonderful technology which makes it so easy and hassle free to connect with the world. I am more informed, more aware, abreast with the latest that happens in the world, but also very distracted. I could not imagine myself being totally disconnected or unaware but was in a constant struggle to strike a balance.

A couple of weeks back I tried this experiment which I want to share with everyone. I disconnected my data connection and wifi as soon as my children came home till the time they went to bed! My smart phone was just a phone then, at soccer practices, at swim lessons, at bus stops and at grocery stores. I was always just a call away, but the important part was, I was away… from distraction. Every time my child had to say something, I was right there, looking at them and really listening to what they had to share. With my newest idea, I wanted to be present in my children’s lives.

My newest experiment taught me an unexpected lesson….

I was now raising a child who will not grow up seeing his parents texting or checking emails while driving and at red lights, who will grow up knowing that family, friends and people with whom you are, at that moment, matter the most, children that understood that a great swim stroke or a soccer kick or the bear hug right after school was only for their own pleasure! And one thing that makes me the happiest is the hope, when I think of my life 10 years down the line, when the phone will be in their hands and I will be the one talking…. they will be looking right at me, with their eyes and ears all for me J. Because I know, I have these wonderful children who will follow their first and only constant teacher the most!!

Share with me, how you strike a balance.... would love to hear it and apply a few ideas!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hope for a lifetime...One step at a time.

Today's post is inspired by a dear dear friend who will start her 60 mile journey tomorrow. The Susan G Komen walk for breast cancer awareness.

I have read multiple articles and experiences shared by fellow women about Susan G Komen. I know breast cancer awareness is vital and want to thank Susan G Komen for all  they do. I have always been a silent supporter for a good cause and extended monetary help, which I know is important, but getting involved and committed to one thing  is what I  always admire about all the walkers who believe in making a difference.

Today I write for all fellow moms, daughters, girlfriends and wives. We are such a unique breed :) All day long we juggle our emotions and will power  to be strong enough to be a mother, a friend, a wife, a daughter, and a great employee but under all that armor is the soft heart who loves to nurture. A heart which has the power to feel happy for her fellow women's success. A heart who has the power to understand other’s pain like her own. My mom always told me when I was little, a lady is like a coconut... It gets stronger and harder with every wave and wind that clashes against it, tries to break it, yet it continues to nourish within, what is most important! With time I understand the essence of that. 

For my friend, and all the fellow men and women doing the 3-Day walk this year, wish you loads of luck! May your walk be a smooth one, coz it is because you take the pain to walk today, there will be a smooth day in the life of a breast cancer fighter/survivor.
For those who are struggling, know that, it is only the power of a woman, to understand other's pain like her own. We are all with you, for as my friend always says.... " everyone deserves a lifetime! "

Monday, September 16, 2013

Make New Mistakes

Make New Mistakes

When my daughter broke the hairband for her birthday dress, while getting ready for her birthday… she was so taken back! I remember those eyes, full of doubt and guilt, but waiting for a word of encouragement, someone who will say its ok. I remember me being upset, she broke something I specially handcrafted for her, about to shout… when my son casually walked in and stated “ It’s Okay Khushi, always remember…. Make new mistakes”. Then everything changed. Those anxious eyes turned into a happy smile and I understood too that the most important thing about being 3 for her was to have a Happy Birthday in its true sense!

These three small words which my son brought home from school one day, changed my perspective and our life so much! They are so powerful, whether its relationships, parenting or children. While we  are trying to achieve our dreams and goals, it's always so important to know that we are not perfect and will never be. I am pleased with my own self for knowing that new mistakes are necessary to learn and  by making sure my mistakes are new, I remember the lessons learned! It also changed how I look at arguments and misunderstandings between friends and our near and dear ones. I always tell myself, if I can fumble, so can they! If I am a good person… so are they!

When I Look into my children’s eyes and tell them “It’s Okay, make new mistakes!” I can see the immense pleasure they get when they are felt accepted even with their faults! I not only want to give them the assurance they need from a parent but a powerful lesson that  one day when you grow up to explore the world on your own, be accepting and encouraging and remember …
Everyone makes mistakes…. Even the people you love!!

 From all the lessons I keep learning in life,
 this one came from the least expected source :)

Do share your memorable parenting moments! I love to read them...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The first day of school!!

Every year I go through this phase! Every year, it is on this day that my feelings go on a roller coaster ride. 

When I see them wave their goodbye, with teary eyes and a full heart I wish them luck, love and a year full of sweet surprises! Today as my child takes another step, moving forward, the mom in me wants to seize the moment, long enough to get the most of it and short enough so I don’t hold them back from moving ahead! Among the crowd I see those twinkling eyes and a little unsure smile. I know, my child is smart, curious and capable… but as a mom, for me he/she will always be my baby, whom I wish all the best in life! 

When they all wave their goodbyes, I know one day all these stars will shine… And among them, one will be mine!!!